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Can young adults make effective consultants without much experience and without a degree?

The truth is that today's young adults have a particularly unique perspective, both as a whole and as individuals. This unique perspective is especially invaluable in finding new solutions to hard problems.

That value comes from seeing a problem from a different point of view with a different background of skills.

Businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and more are missing out on a lot of untapped potential. Nearly 10% of the US population between is 18 and 24 years old, but they're viewpoint and skills aren't being tapped into strategically.

We exist to tap young adults' problem-solving potential. We train and activate them with a simple, yet innovative process for getting started as problem-solving consultants no matter their experience.

We work with them one-on-one to:
Learn key consulting concepts
Find their niche / unique perspective
Setup marketing and legal stuff
Identify their first clients
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